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Peterloo joins MotoGiro Costruzione 2019

The inaugural property and construction vintage moped rally took place on the first weekend of August so we went along for the ride - and to raise money for charity!

It was a simple, but brilliant, idea:

"Find a moped for no more than £250 and 100cc, make sure its road legal, insured and safe. Meet at the Pointing Dog in Cheadle and ride a scenic (hilly) 30-mile route through the Cheshire lanes to Wincle Brewery for a night of fresh ale, street food and camping under the stars."

Chris Podmore | DEP Landscape Architecture

And with that brief, MotoGiro Costruzione was born!

The charitable element of the event was based on the idea one would find a wreck of a bike on eBay, for not a lot, spend a bit of money getting it road worthy and by the end of the event it would be sold (as a runner) and any profit would be donated to The Mighty Quinn; in addition to other fundraising on the day, a raffle etc.

It quickly became apparent that it is harder than you might think to source such a vehicle "for not a lot" as even the worst barn-find bikes were going for £300-400, required UK registration and stripping down and rebuilding to make them go. Peterloo's entry was sourced by Managing Director, Daniel Barker, on eBay. A genuine 50cc 1978 Garelli VIP, fresh from the streets of Italy... via Delph, near Oldham. Again it was slightly over budget, at £275 and although running, in reasonable condition and tax/MOT exempt, as a recent import it required UK Registration with the DVLA.

Unfortunately the DVLA operates at the top speed of the very vehicle being registered so the Garelli was not available in time for the event. Annoying but herein lies a further problem with selling your hard found machine... you become quite attached to it! Instead it has been decided each rider makes a generous donation to the annual chosen charity in lieu of any sales proceeds. This means bikes, such as the Garelli, can remain available for future editions of the event... of which we hope will be many!

The day ran with military precision and no major mechanicals on route for any of the bikes, other than the odd re-fuel - old fuel gauges (where applicable) tend not to work, it seems! Thanks to support from Contor Construction a broom wagon was available to assist any stranded riders. The mid-point stop was at Sutton Hall near Macclesfield where a few bikes required a quick turn on the tools, before heading off through Macclesfield Forest to Wincle Brewery.

Once safely over the finish line, the tap room of Wincle Brewery was there to greet all participants and supporting travellers and some fantastic food was provided by Savages Mussels. The evening saw a interesting display of skills on the MotoGiro Agility Course, raffle and event prize presentations and finally some songs around the camp fire courtesy of Dave Jennings (JM Architects) and our very own Daniel Barker on drums.

If you're interested in joining next years event, you can contact the organisers direct via the MotoGiro dedicated website and we would suggest you start your moped shopping NOW!

In addition to DEP Landscape, special thanks go to Nick Williamson-Corbett of Graham Construction, co-brainchild of this fantastic event, as well as Adana Construction, Ameon Ltd, Midwest Formwork, Halliday Meecham, Japanese Knotweed Control, Contor Construction, Lancashire Brick & Facades and Lancashire Motor Bodies who kindly sponsored or helped bring the event to life.

Roll on MotoGiro 2020!


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