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Planning Submitted At Currock Yard

92 family homes proposed for former wagon repair yard

Following the acquisition of Currock Yard in late 2020, in joint venture with a private Family Office, Peterloo has been busy working up a revised residential development from the one previously proposed by the former land owners, back in 2010.

Whilst the 2010 application, which was approved subject to signing of a S106 Agreement, sought to maximise density, with 99 units, we have toned this back to let the site breathe and create space between properties. The predominant housing stock in this part of Carlisle is terraced, with limited private amenity space, so the design focus has been toward offering something different in this locale, both in terms of style and house-type (semi-detached and detached), with off-street parking and (mainly) south facing gardens. We are also proposing a number of bungalows to meet an identified local housing need.

Understandably local concern will focus around increased traffic generation, given the need to access the site from South Western Terrace, however the site is highly sustainable being just 10-15 minutes walk from Carlisle city centre and it is hoped local residents will take advantage of this with sustainable travel choices wherever possible.

The proposed housing mix includes 8No 2-bedroom, 33No 3-bedroom and 47No 4-bedroom family homes in addition to 4No 2-bedroom bungalows. Further to this we will be providing high quality public open space and enhanced green boundaries as well as an improved residents parking area along South Western Terrace, to replace the congested pavement parking which currently exists.

A decision is expected in November 2021.


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